alexandre ulrich, date: 2011-10-09 20:15:26
IGSA Insul by Lenny Gires

Race report

IGSA World cup Insul 2011
July 29th-31st 2011
Rider: Lenny Gires (Junior class I)

After rainy Kozakov, I arrived in Insul (Germany) with the hope of better weather. It was my first time on this IGSA track and it became one of my favourite roads. Good asphalt, technical, nice sweepers and really great hairpins! I run my first quali on Cults traction beams and strong tailwind with a time of 2:42.8. In the meantime, Alex Ulrich started for the first time selling the new DTC wheels: the Victory Grip. We bought a set of Grips and I used them the next day for the second quali run. Tailwind was gone, so most of the riders were a few seconds slower than in their first run. Second quali was set with 2:44.3.

On race day the junior class I had one warm-up run and then directly the race in the morning. We were four riders and therefore all in the final heat. I raced with Jani Dederer, Gero Kalb and Philip Schickor. My good friend Jani and I battled all the way done the track and passed each other more than ten times! On the last straight, Jani was behind, drafting me. Shortly before the last left turn, he passed and took the outer line. I was able to pass him back at the inner line but he took the lead again at the exit of the turn. On the last straight I could pass him a last time to win with less than half a meter. Because of this, it was my favourite race this year. Thanks Jani!
It was also the first time, that I skated DTCs. Victory Grip have more grip than anything else I ever skated. This is why they give me safety and speed at the same time. In Insul I skated without any slides or speed-checks but did footbreaks.
Before the podium, Alex talked to me and asked if I would like to be part of the DTC team. I was super happy and proud. Of course I said “Yes!”.
Thanks Alex, Aline & Boris Schinke!

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