Team DTC

Album 1 / Shot 1
Nom : Batt
Prénom : Christoph
Taille : 1.93m
Poids : 85 kg (quelque chose pour les schuss)
Né en : 1981
Nationalité : Suisse (TOTO)
Sponsor : DTC Wheels, Airfow Skateboards, Magun Skateboard Trucks, Beat Engel Speed Design, Risch Aerohelmet
Ride depuis : 11 Years!( Yes I know I am One oft he older once!HEHE)
Spot préféré : There are so many great spots on this world but I think that the Racecourse in Bathurst Australia and The racetrack in Kozakov are one of The best! Switzerland has so many roads. Chose whatever you like!!!


  • - Comming soon !