24 hours of Großerlach race!!!!


During our very first sessions at the track with the small ski lift in Großerlach, ideas for various race options already came up to our minds. Standard, time trial races appeared slightly boring, so we opted for a novel mode: a 24 hours race in teams of three riders. Matze Ebel and Michael (Eimer) picked up the idea and got the race set up for May 4th-5th to be worldwide the first 24 hours skateboard race.

Start was at 4:45pm with a slight delay of 45 minutes. In the first run, the ski lift was not used but riders had to run up, so that not everyone would hit the extremely narrow track at once. In my team “ racing team”, it was Matze Ebel who took this duty to run up and then gave over to Leon Ritter, who was supposed to ride the first two hours of the race. It had rained the entire afternoon and was still dripping a bit at the start, so that the track was very difficult to ride. But don´t worry, this was going to be even worse at 9pm, when I picked up the baton. 

It had stopped to rain, but all the mud and dirt would not get washed away anymore, so that the track´s surface became extremely slippery and finding grip was almost impossible. After 2 hours, I got adapted and used to it, and was able to get a three rounds lead on the second team in the race. After four hours, Matze picked up again to give over to Leon, who both were able to constantly enhance our lead. 8 o´clock in the morning: my turn again after very little sleeping time.

 The track was still muddy but dried out throughout the upcoming four hours. Now the real deal was to adapt to dry asphalt but totally soaked griptape. Fortunately, Nico had put some extra coarse sanding paper tape on the 9.81 Isaac, which helped a lot. On Sunday at 4:45pm the 24 hours were over and my team had managed to ride 384 rounds on the insane track of Großerlach, which resulted in the first place overall and a price money of 450€!