Australia!!! Newtons Nation and a bunch of other rad stuff!



I had originally planned to be in the land down under to hit up Newtons and Mt. Kiera, but that was not in the plans! Mt. Kiera is undergoing a repave! So I ended up chilling and skating around Sydney for much longer than expected considering I had planned to be there 2 weeks earlier for a race that was postponed till next year!



That’s ok! Got to skate with a bunch of local’s and visited the hopshop! Stoked to see my aussie mates again! We skated a bunch of spots in Sydney but the highlight had to be this run called Thane Destroyer, good thing I ride DTC’s hehe ;), they survived round as ever! Love these wheels! I was invited to these two rad events held by the one and only Rob McWhinnie, The first being an invite only outlaw race in the beautiful central coast of Australia! Nothing too hectic, 5 corners and a pretty mellow 60k-70k about the whole course. There was a lot of high caliber riders there and ended up having an awesome day of really tight close racing! What could be better? I ended up doing pretty well snatching a 4th! Had a great time for sure! The next day we were in the bus again, heading to a sick hill in the middle of the forest where we were gunna lay down some slides at the All Star Slam Jam, there was lots of pro’s there. But to be straight honest the local groms were killing it harder than anyone! These Australian kids can freeride! Thoroughly impressed. It was a rad day of skating for sure! Fast forward to Newtons, what a hill that is!! I have never skated anything like it and doubt I will in any other location than Bathurst. The race was ran super well!! ASRA slays, no question. I did alright there! Made the mistake of switching bushings right before a race heat, silly Quin! I ended up eating it on the footbrake before the elbow! Nico made fun of me, solid, killing it, alright, wont do that again! Rookie move for sure! At least a funny picture came from it.


It´s breakdance time folks. Never change a winning bushings team before a heat…


Got crashed out on raceday blah blah. Still had an amazing time! Australia is sick! Would spend my time there whenever! Big thanks to the Baska family for helping me out with accommodation while I was down! Peace out bro’s!






Bathurst, certainly one of the sickest tracks