Australian trip by BATT and NICO!!!!


Team Dtc goes DOWN UNDER!


Stoked! The Season Starts! This Year the World of downhill skateboarding Meet for the First Time in Australia for round One and two of the IgSA Gravity sports World Cup 2012! Me and my Friend Nicolas Robert decided to fly Down to Ozz for that!


So now i am sitting in a Airbus A380 for the 14 Hour in a Row and getting slowly Crazy!

But Thats could hapen if you Follow your Passion all Arround the World!


Looking forward to the next days! First we will crash at jacko shapeiras house and then for the races we got a campingcar, he sould give us a place to stay!


We will try too send you some images of,f two weeks like that and will try too bring you some news every evening or at least every time when we have a internet conection!


Hope you all enjoy too follow our trip!


Ozziland the swisscunts are on theyre way!


II Batt and Nico at  Jacko´s house!!!

Hey World. 
There is not a lot to report from the last two days down in Australia. It was raining the whole time and we were sitting around at Jacko´s house, drinking beer and what else?

 At least, yesterday we picked up our camper van and charged it with all our stuff! Stocked everything fits!

 Even for sleeping, the big Mr. Batt fits in with legs strechted! Hahaha.

 Little kitchen, a small table, and some space for the skates! It´s right what we needed!

So, today we are heading out to Mount Keira, near Wolongon for the first race! Hopefully, it will dry out a little, so we can race this hill like we have to!
But I think we need to be prepared for a race in the wet.
Stay tuned for our news on the DTC-Wheels website.
Greetings from Down-Under!

Batt & Nico

III Race day!!!!

So after waiting two days at Jacko´s house, we were arriving at Mt Keira wednesday late afternoon .It was so good to meet all this people again. Because I was not racing last year, I haven´t seen some of the buddies for a long time, so I was completely stoked to see and skate with all of them. The first night was quiet an easy one. Everyone was tired from travelling, so there was no big party. Ah yeah! It was still raining, I forgot to mention! Shit!!!!!!

After a good sleep in our small but pretty comfortable wicked-camper, we stood up and were all happy that it wasn´ t raining anymore! But we knew from the locals that the road would be wet for the whole day! Because the whole track is under trees or you´d better say "in the jungle". Hence, we knew that it would probably stay wet for the whole weekend. 

So we started to practice , testing out rain wheels, and hit the track as hard possible! They´ve got completely different pavement Down-Under, and in the wet I would say that it is even more slippery on their pavement then back home in Europe.
After getting a few runs in, we already had our first qualifying run. It was quite hard to know how fast you could go, because the road was slowly drying out on a few parts. Nico crashed on a wet patch in his first quali. He was disappointed, but taking it with humor and looking forward to the next day and the second time run. 

I was pushing very well out from the starting line but braking to much into the first right-hand turn. The rest of the track, I took pretty fast, which allowed me to qualify on 14th place. I was happy with that place because riding under wet conditions never was my favorite. 

After heading back to the campground (wich was a huge scout camp in the middle of the forest) everybody was on for the first big party of the race. 

Second day, we started again early in the morning at around 8.30. 
It wasn´t raining during the night, so the road was drying up during the 3 freeride runs, which we could do before our 2nd time run.
So, Nico started with knowing that he must do a safe but still fast run. Unfortunately, he crashed again after the last right-hand turn and was thus unable to set a clean run down the whole track!
Race rules in Australia include a so-called repechage, which represents a 4 man heat race between the 61 up to the128 qualified riders in order to determine the last riders entering the race cut. There were a few fast riders crashing in both of their quali runs, which made it an extremely tight racing. Nico said , that it was the tightest racing he ever had. He made it trough to the quarters but geting 3 in his semi-final heat threw him out of the race for sunday. 
I was watching the runs in the last right-hand turn... It was insane racing going on. It was one of the tightest racing I have seen! So Nico ,Well done and look forward to Bathurst Newtons Playground.
He will for sure!

Sunday Raceday!!!!!!!!
Nico and I started the Raceday with a coffe or either chocolate. The sun was out and the road was on the way to completely drying out! 
Go on for some freeride before racing will start!
We had a few good runs but I would have liked to get a few more before racing!
On the starting line to my first heat: Go for it and push in front. That was the plan but it did not work. I was second and there was the whole way down the hill pressure coming from behind! Imagine that was the first round! I get 2nd and went up the hill to fight for best 16! I had a good run down the whole track until I came into the last right-hand turn... Being on 4th position, I was mentally preparing to pass on the straight finish line and missed the line. With that, I lost too much speed! Getting 4th in my heat I was out of the race. Very disappointed, I went down the hill to see more insane racing going on. It was dry the whole day until the finals were standing on top...This was when it started raining! Douglas Silva, Patrick Switzer, Alex Tongue and Jayden Mitchell, a 16 year old Junior 2 rider, who was amazingly heading up with the "big boys". After some crashes because of the wet road Alex Tongue won in front of Patrick Switzer, Douglas Silva, and Jayden Mitchell.
It was a very well organized race, on a absolutely great track and there was some very good racing going on! 

So lets go and see who wins the party'!!!!!!!!!!

Next weekend at the Newtons Nation, there will be more sick racing, so stay tuned for more news on this site!

Batt & Nico