Batt man interview 2012


Hop: Christoph, last time we spoke to you in 2010, you would have been on different wheels, trucks and board? Who are your sponsors in 2012?

Batt: At the moment I am riding on Airflow Skateboards, Magun Trucks that is still the same but the trucks are new, and from the beginning of this year I’m riding on DTC Wheels, it is a new European wheel brand.



Hop: And the wheels, you obviously were the fastest on Mt Panorama you won the Top Ten Shootout. How much of that win was equipment and how much was the competitor?

Batt: Wooah that is hard to say.


Hop: Do you think you are faster on the DTC Wheels? [link to review]

Batt: Yes, I think so, absolutely. Maybe is it not only the wheel that is faster, it makes me go faster because I am so comfortable on this wheel. When I want it to grip it grips, when I need it to drift it drifts. That is the point that makes me faster on this wheel now.


Hop: Do you think that it is because of the core or the urethane? Because that is the one of the features of this wheel, it has a unique aluminum core?

Batt: Yes the aluminum core is the big difference on the wheel. I dont know if it is the core or the urethane because there is no lip on the wheel. It is the whole wheel altogether that makes it special.


Hop: And it grips?

Batt: Grips absolutely. I have never had a wheel with as much grip as the DTC 75mm. Even without the lip there is so much grip.


Hop: You said there was a new version of the Magun Trucks?

Batt: Yup, a few weeks ago the new model came out. Before it is 205mm, now it is 184mm and there is not as much offset as the older ones so it turns a bit quicker. Yah, that is the change we did and I’m very happy with it.


Hop: The Magun production, is it still very limited?

Batt: It is still a limited production, it is not like a big company. Hopefully he will be doing a lot more so we can sell them and bring them out to the whole world.


Hop: Last time you were on a Magun deck, and now you are on Airflow?

Batt: Now I am riding the Airflow Fuse but it does depend on the road. At Mount Keira I tested the Airflow Bracket, it is like a top mount version of the Fuse. That worked pretty well. However I do most of my racing on the Fuse, because I am used to a drop through. Both of these boards for me, it is like a new feeling on a board with a small bit of rocker and 3D concave. It is an amazing feeling on the board, you know where your feet are everytime. Very happy with the Airflow range.


Batt ripping on a Fuse

Hop: Airflow seem to be stepping up production and getting more involved with the scene, we are seeing more of their boards here and in other markets?

Batt: We are hoping to make our market bigger, sending boards to here and Canada and America. The boards are selling very quick in Australia


Hop: Any Swiss races being organised this year?

Batt: There is not a lot. But this year we have an IGSA National Cup right after the three World Cups in Europe, in Lausanne. In the afternoon there is qualifying in a park in the city where we can run for five hours, every run will be timed. Then in the evening, at ten o’clock, the best 100 riders will have two timed runs through the city on the main road.


Hop: Is it an outlaw?

Batt: No, a sanctioned race.


Hop: You will be racing the European season this year?

Batt: Yes I will for sure.


Hop: Have you done Peyragudes before?

Batt: This year it is a new road, no one has done it. They built it 1 or 2 years ago and it is completely new. I’m looking forward to it, it looks really fast.


Hop: Are you going to any North American or South American events this year?

Batt: I’m not sure. I would like too but depends on the money. Calgary would be really good to go there. At the end of the year, like in 2011, I’ll go back to South Africa again for Hot Heels and the other national race there.


Hop: And Teutonia, would you do Teutonia? It is probably a hill that suits your style … going fast.

Batt: Absolutely, I want to go to Teutonia, but it depends on the money. I will go there once before I retire. My plan is to do every race on the World tour at least once.


Hop: The other Airflow riders, like Ramon, have you seen him?

Batt: He is in the middle of study now. I’m sure he will be going to Maryhill, he won it last year, he’ll be going back to defend his title. I think he is doing the Euro tour, but I don’t know his plans for the end of the year.


Hop: And Martin?

Batt: I think he has now retired from racing. He still skates a lot. I think he is over the whole racing scene. He is back in Switzerland, he is working, he is skating a lot.


Hop: Maybe we’ll see some of his design work now he is not touring?

Batt: Oh yeah, he working a lot on a lot of stuff. I know now he is working on a new balance board. He is always working on something.




Thank you Christoph Batt for taking the time for an interview. Photo credits: Scott Hopkin