DTC team in Alicante!!


Here we land at Alicante airport whit Alex Dehmel, Nicolas Robert and Alexandre Ulrich, like we plan the sun was here,

Pablo quiles receved us in the real spanish steeze house!

after a quick corner session, we woke up the next day under the SNOW!!!! no matter the all crew was too motivated to just chill! so we ripped some hills...

Pablo Quiles

Alex Ulrich and Nicolas Robert 

Nicolas Robert

lauder and Pablo Quiles


Alex Dehmel after a massive session at Steax prefert to take in easy, back to the house ready to party ! 



we woke up hardly and finally the sun showed up!!! 

the team jumped in the car and drove to Wakamole! boardshop to get some breakfast, 

after half an hour driving after we ended up at the first spot .

the ride was chilled and smooth, perfect to start the day!

the second road also had perfect alsphalt for freeride, but it ended with a massive crash of Nico at the really last part, what took him out for the day...

we stopped for lunch at a nice corner. 

some video about it soon!!

we ended the day on a road covered by salt, this one was insane!!! crasy sweepers and hairpins,

thanks to Nicolas Robert to crash so bad and offer us his time to shoot these pictures!!!



today was hangover day .... last night was epic, so was waking up!

after a nice cornersession we ended up at a california-style hill with lots of nice sweepers and hairpins. 


the snow is back!

after 3 hour driving and one coffee each we went back home, but Pablo Quiles wasn't ready to give it up for today. he brought us to some snow-covered turns up in the mountains, where we ended the day with a cornersession.

Pablos Quiles

Pablo Quiles and Alex Dehmel

(photos Nicolas Robert)


today, sun was bright and warm. everybody is motivated to skate.

we had the first session at the california-style hill, barely no car, smooth pavement and a beautiful landscape.

the next session was on a heavy, quick 2km hill, where Alex Dehmel had a really scary crash with the guard rail. luckily, he didn't hurt himself.

Pablo Quiles


Nicolas Robert

Alex Dehmel

Nicolas Robert and Alex Ulrich


right after Pablo Quiles slid out of a turn quite fast, everybody decided to end the session for the day.



Last day, all the crash dummies felt better today!

we hit a 11km road with lots of turns(nobody actually remembers the number). no massive crash today! in the end we all were very tired from shredding.

Pablo Quiles

it's hard to go back north and leave this amazingly nice and friendly country!

special thank to Pablo Quiles for having us, we can't wait for the next trip!!!