KNK longboard camp!!


KNK freeride report first and second day !!!!

After 11 hours driving through Europe, we end up in Slovenia at KNK freeride around 1h30 am…

The ambiance was full of party and all riders were really motivated!!

Fortunataly Jakob woke up the rest of the team so we could set up the DTC tent at the top of the track and get ready for pure downhill radness!

Back to the camp site you could see the obvious smile on the faces of everybody 
During the party Jay an Alex decided to have a little race … well… Jay get a blackout so race never happen at the end … but….

Second day
Alex woke up around 10h am,  ride 40km to get some gasoline and finally ends up to the track at 12h. Jay was already there waiting for his board and … still absolutely drunk!!! After a few runs he became clear and had a lot of fun on some new prototypes. What was the opportunity to have perfect footage…coming out soon

DAY 3,
The 3rd day it’s always the hardest one, we woke up late with 31°C outside, the tent was a real oven! 
Jay was allready ripping the hill, Alex, lazy as always woke up slowly and finely gets his first
Up the hill Alex set up the DTC-chillout tent, did some warm up runs and get ready for the real downhill mood

The day ended good with just small pizza but big smile from everybody, 
Now…. Partytime see you tomorrow for the last day

DAY 4th

Now it’s time to say an important thing to the organization ….


So much ride, so much fun, THANKS!!!