Newton's Nation by Batt!


After a long drive to Bathurst on thursday, we had our tech inspection and the first riders´ meeting in the evening! A barbecue offered by Skillset, a sponsor of the whole Newton´s Nation festival, rounded up the day and we were all waiting to start freeriding on Friday early in the morning.

Friday morning started with excellent weather. Nicola was very nervous because he didn´t know what was expecting him on that track! For me, it was a bit easier since I already knew the track from 2010. We started freeriding/practice runs as planed at 8.30. Since it was a three days event, we knew we would not obtain plenty of practice runs and accordingly the first quali run was scheduled for the afternoon!

So Nico and I knew that we´d need to go full speed from the very first heat on. This worked out all very well and we both were stoked about this insane track. There are a lot of good tracks all around the world, but this one is a 

real race track! 10 seconds after the push you are already at 70 km/h passing by the dipper. A 90 degrees turn with a 

denivellation of arround 2-3 meters! Sick and one of the most fun corners we ever skated! Passing the hay bales on 

the exit at a few centimeters and then a short straightline to prepare for the right left combo with Forest 

Ellbow. A huge hairpin with maybe 16 degrees of stepness! braking down to maybe 60-70 km bevor the turn but then 

accelerate in the turn to maybe ca 80 km/h. Siiiiiiick shit I tell you! Only these two turns are absolutely worth it to 

fly Down Under!!!!


A few runs with Nico and the best of the world, and we both knew that we are ready for the quali run nr 1. 

Nico was before me on the track and dropped a very good time . He had a clean run and was happy with it! I was one of 

the last from the top riders and was fully pumped to make a quick run down Mount Panorama! Here we go, push like hell 

and a clean run with a very quick footbrake! Everything worked and i had the fastest time down the hill! One 10th of a second before Mischo and all the other fast guys!

Still 3 riders on top who could beat me or Nico! Nobody could beat my best time but Nico went back to 11th place! A very good quali but in Newton´s they have a Top Ten Shoot out for 1000 dollars. So nico was a bit disappointed that he missed this shoot-out for about a 1000th of a second!

Anyway well done Nico!!!


Absolutely stoked!!! I won the quali and new that I could be quick in the top ten shoot-out and in the race quali of 


However, there is no second quali run in australia. They build brackets out from the first quali to race 4 man 

heats on saturday to quali!!!!

Some like it some not! Nico and I were looking forward to saturday because we did this very good results today!



Saturday race to quali and the King of the hill Top Ten shoot-out!


We started again with a few warm up runs on saturday and went then straight over to the 4 man heats with the odd and even three! Can´t explain now how that works but i can say its quite good! because it garanteed that everybody can race, even the guys who 

would be out with a cut of 64 peoples.


Insane racing was going on the whole day because the level in australia is 

really amazing.

Nico and myself were both avancing to the semi finals were we met us for the first time in our 

skate career to race against each other! It was an absolutely tight heat with dillon stephons ,james kelly and us two! 

James and me passed trough to the final! Nico ended the quali on the 5 place what is an epic good result!!!! 

Yeahhhhhhhh Nico!

I had a final run with james ,mischo, dalua and myself!

I was absolutely happy to get second behind 

mischo. That racequali gave me a lot of positive vibes for the sunday race!

But there was still something to do! The top 

ten shoot-out based on the quali times from friday!


Passing the finish line every rider who got the fastest time had to 

sit on a chair and hold the huge cheque over a1000 dollars. Alex tongue started first and had the cheque in his hand 

until patrick switzer went down the hill!

At the end there were only mischo and me on the hill and the croud in front 

of the screen started to go crazy! 

Mischo went down with a time of ................ . Best time! so it will be like

friday and in the qualis a battle between mischo and me! It was hard not to think of the 1000 dollars up on the start 

waiting to get send down!

Preparing for push and here we go! 

It was a nearly perfect run, missed a bit the breaking 

but it felt quick! Huge grip in the forest ellbow and a good exit speed! The whole straightline holding the tuck i passt 

the finishline! Swosh. Turn arround and all the riders were waving on me!

.................. . Best time . Fuck yeah 

I am the king of the hill and winning the money! We do not skate for the money, but it is amazing to win a 1000 

dollars in 60 seconds!!!!!!!


I could not say I am broke... so I had to pay a few beers to the riders who were 

around! sure I enjoyed it!!!!!! It was a quite party with a few beers and some music from the newtons nation rock 



Went to bed with knowing that tomorrow is a big day of racing!!!



Sunday: Racing and then the party!



started right in the morning with the two first round of our brackets. Unfortunately nico got crashed out in the first 

heat by a guy who probably didnt know that he only must be second in his heat! In the last turn the guy went to the 

inside line and crashed nico out!

Nicos shoulder and hand hurt a bit but it was nothing dangerous! Because newtons is 

hard to crash, most of the crash you have are with over 80 km/ h. So mostly it really hurts!


I am really sorry for you Nico because without the influence of others you were able to go far in this race!!!! But bru you are young, thats racing and you will do it next time!


My race started well! Anyway even the first run was tight and I had to go close to the limits! 

In the second run even more but I managed again to pass the line in first position! In the third heat I 

tried to push in front as my foot slid completely away during my first push! I had to change the tactic, but managed to 

draft all the three guys in front of me on the last straightline!

Yes 8 riders left! I was getting nervous because I

absolutely wanted to go to the big final! James kelly, dillon stephens and the norwegian gangster kula were my racers! 


Unfortendly I missed a bit the forest ellbow and was not able anymore to take Kelly on the finish straight! Bad but still 

motivated to win the consi final!

Kula, Louis Pilloni and alex tongue waited on the line to race me!!!!


Riders ready 

riders set go and we were off for the last of our run down mt panorama in 2012! 4 position before the ellbow passing 

kula trough the turn and right into the draft of louis pilloni, overtaking him before the line without picking alex! I 

was really happy how the day ended and super stoked about the whole weekend!


First quali, king of the hill and sixth in 

the race is probably one of the best weekend I ever had on a race!!!!!! Thanks to all my sponsors for supporting me ! 

DTC-Wheels, Airflow-Skateboards and Magun high precission truck! Without you that all would be not possible for me!!!!


Thank you so much!


Further thanks to the absolutely amazing organisation of thenrace trough ASRA. AUSTRALIAN 

SKATEBOARD RACING ASSOCIATION. Go visit their site, they are incredible.


After the ceremony, we went over to a party 

right beside the track in a building! If you know skate parties out of magazines, then you know how it was!!!!! Absolutely 



Again it was an amazing trip! Nico and I had a very good time and enjoyed not only the riding but also the 

whole bunch of peoples down there, who treated us so welll!


At the end I like to thanks at all the family Shapeira who 

gave us a homebase for the two weeks! We really enjoyed it to be at your place and it absolutely makes it hard to not 

come back next year! So see you next year down under with a lots of racing and an english speaking Nicolas!!!!!!



at the very end I´d like to send all me greetings and the best and quickest healing to all the riders who had crashes and 

injuries down under on the sick track of newtons!!!!




 batt and nico.