Test session in Switzerland!!!



Test session in Switzerland

with Kevin Bouaich, Christoph Batt et Alexandre Ulrich.

During the past six years, DTC has dedicated substantial time into the innovation, the improvement, and the overall performance of skateboard wheels. While experiments in the lab are surely central, tests under true conditions, meaning on the road, remain mandatory. And sometimes… they become massive sessions! Kevin joined Alex for this special occasion, but the weather was capricious and rain was unfortunately present too. Hence, the weekend turned into a visit of the European capital Strasbourg, including the joy of the local gastronomy.

Tuesday, Alex, Batt, and Kevin found dry roads on a spot in Switzerland: Altbüron here we are! Subsequently, the session was set-up for the forthcoming Wendsday in Altbüron, and… Things came differently again as we woke up at 7 am and headed south!!! 

Small gathering on a dry road to test new DTC wheels.

A couple of hours later, a road emerges and our three riders are ready to charge it with some friends, who gathered for this occasion. The road is dry and the session starts with a test of classic DTC wheels in order for the riders to get set. Rapidly, it becomes clear that the spirit is of a “speed-freeride” type today! Therefore: first set of prototype wheels for everyone to test. Urethane gets burned, smiles are getting bigger and bigger, and the feeling is excellent. The testing of the first set ist not yet finished that all riders pick up a second set of these new toys.

Alex Ulrich throwing a heelside pendulum.

Christoph Batt in a toeside pendulum.

Spectators are welcome to this DTC sesh!

Batt stylin´ heelside!

Batt in a toeside curve on DTC protos.

Alex stylin´ in front of a stunning panorama

Kevin style! Make sure to watch him charging this season at races and freerides.

After a couple of hours of burning urethane, the stomach of each and everyone needed to get some refill. Thus, the entire crew took a break in the fields surrounded by typical chalets, simple beautiful!!!

DTC proto wheels. Can you spot the differences?

After a short briefing concerning the attributes of the DTC protos, we changed the spot and the surroundings. The team reached a spot less well known, and this is for a reason: 47 hairpins, which do not tolerate any mistakes or relaxing. In fact, errors on this hyper-technical and technically demanding road would be rewarded in form of a nice free fall…

Don´t even think about falling, sliding out… take decent lines and make your ways through…

This session, which had started in a very good mood, more and more became a magical moment. The curves are so tight, that our van would not manage to take them in a single try, but rather had to manoeuvre its way through, with turns a couple of meters apart.

Kevin and new his toy!

This is how we know Kevin and how we like him! On his board and with a huge smile on his face. Keep on keepin´ on Kevin!

Our three team mates checking the protos after a couple of rides on “hairpin heaven”

Just to tell… The road was not only winding but also insanely steeeeep. From one curve to the other, you would experience a feeling of riding a rollercoaster. Thus, no better way of testing and maltreat our wheel protos!
Interesting results could be retrieved from the testing, which will help us pushing the limit in DTC wheels even further and develop our one-of-a-kind urethane towards a new evolution. After a final briefing with all riders, the changes to be implement in the next generation of wheels are decided, and will require… exactly! Testing!!!
This memorable day has once again only accentuated the devotion and passion for longboarding, which drives the DTC team ever since.


DTC Family...

foto by looop thank so much!!!