Spring was long expected but somehow failed to happen until very recently. In foresight of such unwanted conditions, in autumn 2012 9.81 team mate Aaron Skipings had proposed to escape the cold continent early 2013 in order to skate in the warmth and have fun. With the following addition of Jakob Raab to the team, the crew was perfect and the trip literally represented a warm welcome for Jakob to the team. So! Off for a trip to a sunny Spanish island on DTC wheels! Sunshine and temperatures around 20°C were encouraging when Nico and Jakob both stepped out of the plain and were welcome by the four brit guys Kami, Oli, Aaron, and Daniel. After a short shopping, the crew aimed at a close-by spot with eight hairpins, no traffic, and a shortcut to walk uphill. Couldn't be better!

The evening was spent chilling in a perfect holiday home, comfy dinner, checking the footage of the day, and sipping a couple of beers.

Early morning next day, the crew got started. Unfortunately, it had rained during the night and the roads were still patchy at that time. At around midday, the sun was strong enough to dry up roads and generate perfect conditions for DTCs. Black asphalt, barely traffic, and a shuttle that transported us back to the top of the hill. What else do you need to be happy?

Five days of skating non-stop can be “tough”, so the crew enjoyed some chilled moments on the beach. 20°C remain “cold” for a swim, but Nico needed to be his own man and learn it the hard way when jumping in.

In summary, we a blast time these days! It was excellent spending time with all these good guys and to get to know Aaron far better. Thanks to Kami, the Frenchman in British exile, who saved our lives a couple of times, when our language skills were insufficient… Nico and Jakob were both super content with their stuff, the new decks are sick, and, importantly, the wheels functioned perfectly on every asphalt they met during the trip. Even though it became “business as usual”, the grip provided by Geckos remains stunning.

Thank also goes to Alex, Batt, and Oli for their support. 2013 will be an epic season. 
Check out the long version of the video of this trip coming soon.

Nico & Jakob